Sunday, August 16, 2009

Race Day - AFC Half Marathon 2009

Got my HALF MARATHON TRIPLE CROWN MEDAL and it looks pretty cool!

Now, as for my AFC half performance. Well, pretty abysmal, as I expected (see previous post):
Overall:2031 out of 7021 Finishers
Men: 1400 (almost double that of LJHM) out of 3257 finishers
M 25-29: 224 out of560

Finish: 1:58:00 Pace: 9:01
Tag Time:1:58:00
Gun Time:1:58:40

Before I go about describing the events that led to the above disaster, add "staying up all night on the night before the race" to the list of wrong-doings I had mentioned in my last blog post :)

Overall, I am not too disappointed, though. Over the last 4 months I went from, feeling confident about a sub 1:45 finish on this race (this confidence was right after LJHM) to all the way down to not being able to run all of it :). I don't really regret all the wrong-doings either, because I've learnt from a few of them... and the others? well.. they were to much fun, to not do :)

I'm too groggy to type out the full race report right now... so, it'll have to wait till I "robot walk" myself to a shower and some food ;-)

PS: Just realized that all my bib numbers have the numbers 3 and 4 in them.... will have to make some sense of that, as well.