Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yep... I finally did it...

Its sunday night and the middle of a (President's Day) long weekend. I am usually out on a roadtrip or some kinda outdoor activity on such a weekend, but it began pouring almost before folks at work could say "TGIF" on friday (duh!) and I decided to take it easy.

So, what prompted me to start this? Well.... lotsa thoughts, but to keep things terse (which I am notorious for failing to do) I mention the two main ones. At some point in life I figured that rattling out my daily schedule of events and experiences to a good and patient listener is vital to me. I was lucky enough to have someone or the other as my "patient listener" until one day I stumbled upon the concept of a "blog". I was both, pleasently surprised that I wasnt the only one who absolutely needed to do the daily "core dump" of thoughts and also a little disappointed that I wasnt the only one with this (so called) gift for being outright about things in life.
So, the thought of having my own blog (and relieving someone of the daily dose) occured to me about 3 years ago. I dont know if it was just the fact that I was preoccupied with too many things in life (Engineering School, Grad School, career planning, job hunting... you name it) or the fact that it usually takes me a while to really appreciate an idea fully, but yeah, I am pretty sure this has been in my head for atleast a good 3 years now.
Okay, so I had all the ingredients, but then there has to be that spark that motivates you to actually make a move, doesn't there? Well... so... what was my spark? Interestingly enough it was the long weekend itself. I was sitting on my couch watching TV when it suddenly hit me that it's almost Monday morning. Shortly, I was relieved when I remembered it was a long weekend after all, but then I began to wonder why I have a holoday in the first place? So, I fired up my laptop and began to look for stuff about the Presidents Day and its significance. And thanks to the modern marvel called "Google" it wasnt long before my curousity was satisfied. I retreated back into my comfy position to continue staring at the idiot box when a random thought hit me. How many times in life have I actually cared to find out the actual reason behind the things I see and do? Hmm.... its hard to put an exact number on that, but I am pretty sure its countable.
And there it was, I had found a theme for my blog!!


susannepuckett said...

Hi my name is susanne I am new to this blogging thing and sometimes I catch myself reading other blogs just came across yours so far I like it I like your title

Anil said...

Thanks, Susanne!