Monday, January 21, 2008 don't try to look that up.. it doesn't exist. So, why did I post it? Well, the post about the "Name Lookup" thing (see: previous post) got me thinking...

...oh, yeah... how would it be to start a website (a social networking one, possibly?) that has communities dedicated to people with the same names. You can have different communities within the site for variations of the name game. One dedicated to collecting people with the same first AND last name, one dedicated to just first name, one to just last names (think one big, global "Murty" Family), one dedicated to people who's name works both ways (Palindrome's like Hannah, Ana, Elle, Eve, Bob, Kanak, Nayan, Nitin, Talat..)... and so on...

Hmmm... will have to do some research on this... what do you think?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who's "Lookin' you up" today?

I was reading this new article about a survey by the PEW research center, which found that nearly half of the folks online have looked up themselves! Some other interesting figures:

Searched themselves online: 47% (up from 22% in 2002)

Looked up the web for people they have lost touch with: 36%

Dug up info on someone they were dating: 9%

Searched for someone they were about to hire or work with: 11%

I confess to doing all of those and more :) and am glad to say I have actually managed to re-establish broken bonds. Like, for instance, through Orkut, I was able to get back in touch with some of my childhood friends, whom, I had completely lost touch with (what, you think I am bad? well, those were the days of the "snail mail" remember?)

Well... will this make you a little more conscious about your "online presence"? Will this cause you to "trim the trail"? Or could you care less? Oh, forgot to mention, the polls also suggest that 61% of the folks didn't care about it!