Monday, March 28, 2005

Why the K??

This rather wierd and curious question just hit me a few mins ago... while watching the daily news on KCAL 9. Why do all the news channels in CA have their names starting with "K"?? I tried googling on this but couldnt get anything.... the only sensible explanation that comes to mind is, they wanted to use "C" for California, but that must have been used by some other state..... any comments??


Ravi Murty said...

Actually it is not just a California thing (for instance in the state of Oregon, which is where I live, the local news channels are - KGW, KATU, KRSK Portland etc. Turns out, ships (which have radios) were given "call signs" based on their location in the united states. Ships on the east coast were assigned call signs starting with a "K" and the ones on the west coast were assigned call signs starting with a "W" (with the river mississipp dividing the east and west). For some reason they flipped the order and stations on the west have their call signs starting with the letter "K".


Anil said...

What more can I say but, "Bhai se puchne kaa!! " (All I had to do was ask my "big-brother" :-)

Sonali said...

Well Indian Television has the 'K' thing going to. Lots of serials start with 'K' .. something to do with astrology, the producer (Ekta 'K'apoor) was advised that names starting with 'K...' would work. They certainly seem to be working for them :p

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