Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who's "Lookin' you up" today?

I was reading this new article about a survey by the PEW research center, which found that nearly half of the folks online have looked up themselves! Some other interesting figures:

Searched themselves online: 47% (up from 22% in 2002)

Looked up the web for people they have lost touch with: 36%

Dug up info on someone they were dating: 9%

Searched for someone they were about to hire or work with: 11%

I confess to doing all of those and more :) and am glad to say I have actually managed to re-establish broken bonds. Like, for instance, through Orkut, I was able to get back in touch with some of my childhood friends, whom, I had completely lost touch with (what, you think I am bad? well, those were the days of the "snail mail" remember?)

Well... will this make you a little more conscious about your "online presence"? Will this cause you to "trim the trail"? Or could you care less? Oh, forgot to mention, the polls also suggest that 61% of the folks didn't care about it!


Matthew Cornell said...

Guilty as charged! Next step: Do you have a google alert on your name? :-)

Anil said...

Yep... I can see that!