Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spring Bliss 10K - Huntington Beach

Ran the second race on my list. Wasn't planning to race on consecutive weekends but the opportunity came up so I got tempted. It was a long (60mi) drive to Huntington beach, so had to wake up super early -- but made it to the start with time to spare. Was second among the 10K runners up until the 5K turnaround point but the 1st runner was significantly ahead of me and so I didn't pay attention to the where he turned around and ended up overshooting the turnaround by a bit. Lost about 2 mins, running an extra quarter mile but still ended up at 6th place overall.

                                      Overall Place: 6, out of 42 
                                      Time: 49:28
                                      Avge Pace: 7:48 min/ mi (averaged over 6.3mi, not 6.1)
                                      Splits: 7:29; 7:51; 8:04; 7:50; 7:51; 7:43

Still need to work on being consistently under 8min/ mi on every mile. On to the next one.