Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is it a new year thing?

Not sure if it is a New Year thing, but I feel very drawn to jump(re-)start my blogging. So, I guess I could state it officially (without committing too much ;) ) "I hereby resolve to blog more regularly in the coming year, than I did in the one that went by".

And to help me keep my resolution, I have decided to start yet another blog, so that it adds to the guilt, every time I slack off!!

Happy New Year!


harshavardhan reddy said...

hey.. u jus reminded me of my blog. even I havent been posting lately. even ive taken a resolution to blog more this year.
and good luck to you.
happy new year.
happy blogging.

Aniket said...

Hi Anil,

Sort of similar view as Harshavardhan. By posting a comment on my blog, you reminded me to rekindle my blog.

I always have a lot to pen (key) down but often am just a little too lazy.

Anyways, your blog continues to add more interesting stuff. So good luck and keep blogging.