Friday, March 31, 2006

10 days to 10Ks!

10 more days to my 10K/ 6mi run in Santa Barbara! I am seriously hoping to better my time over last year (1hr and 16 mins). Now that I think about it, that wasn't bad for a run without any training at all.

This time around, I've been a little more disciplined, been running regularly for about a month now. I ran a 5 miles on Wed and 3 today... the plan is to peak this sunday by doing 6 miles and then "taper off" over next week, with no running at all on Thursday/ Friday, to accumulate strength for the main event next Saturday... I just hope I can keep my average pace close to 6.5 so I can complete under an hr this time!

I realize this ain't a major marathon, but I am trying to attack it with the same planning that goes into training for a real marathon!

Okay, that said, I have just enough time to upload a new pic on my other blog... hmm... wassit gonna be today... wassit gonna be :)


Neha said...

lol.. 10 k!! thts quite a lot :)
go for it :)
thanks fr visitin!
cya :)

Anil said...

Thanks very much. Actually, it isn't that long :), infact, it's barely close to a "quarter marathon" (full marathon = 26.2mi or almost 42K)