Thursday, March 23, 2006

My new (second) Blog.... More show, less talk :)

The idea to float a new blog came up as I was cleaning up my personal laptop and drifted into browsing through my photo collection. Most of the pics I have now were taken in the last (almost 4) few years, since I moved to the US. And, since I lived in Los Angeles for the first 2, in Santa Barbara for the next one and half and now I am in San Diego, most of the pictures are of places in the California. So, anyways, I thought why not pick out some interesting ones and share them with the world and (hopefully) get some people travelling... hiking... running... going out...

I called it "I've beeen places" and named the url (link on the right side bar)

Welp... that's that... hope you like 'em!


harshavardhan reddy said...

gr8 idea. even im plannin 2 start a fotoblog(kinda inspired by u :D )

Charul said...

Hey nice effort!

even i have decided to upload one photo with my every post.

have not seen ur photoblog yet but will land soon... :)

BTW thankx 4 tripping over my blog ..

lakshana said...

hmmm some good photographic skills there!

Anil said...

Thanks for stopping by you guys! :) Keep coming back..

and Happy Blogging!