Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bogus Post on Google News

Found this article on InformationWeek..

"...A 16-year-old Google fan was able to get a bogus press release announcing his hiring by the search engine on Google News, and the distributor of the release has been removed as a source for the automated news service, Google said Wednesday..."

"...The release, which has been removed from I-Newswire and Google News, said the boy had been hired to work on security flaws in Google's Web mail service Gmail, according to a blog posting from StepForth Placement Inc., a consulting service for getting higher listings on search engine results. The announcement, which was attributed to Google co-founder and president Larry Page, also said the teen-ager would work from his New Jersey home and his earnings would be placed in a bank account for his education...."

Read more here

This seems to point somewhat similar flaws I found with the search engines news service and mentioned in an earlier blog post titled "Is Google Letting me (us) down? ".


AlterinG Abhishek said...

mechanical engg. in firmware??


Anil said...

Well.. not together...NO!


harshavardhan reddy said...

hii...nice blog, gr8 info, esp thanx 4 the info on ipods

Anil said...

Thanks for stopping by... keep reading..