Thursday, December 04, 2008

6 Weeks to Carslbad Half '09 (1/25) - My Journey in a journal

Alright, with the signing up all taken care of, it's time to make a plan ('coz a man without a plan ain't a man.... something like that, anyway ;-). So, here goes:

I plan on running 3 times week - Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's.
2 of those (T/S) will be group runs and longer in distance, with the Sat run being the longest, to allow for recovery, if needed. Th will be reserved for Fartleks, that, I hope, will help improve my pace.


Sat (11/22) ~7.5mi ~1:02hrs ~8:30 (Not Accurate)
Tue (12/2) ~5.5mi ~46min ~8:36 (Not Accurate)
Thu (12/4) ~3.5mi ~27min ~7:70 (Fartleks)
Sat (12/6)

I will continue to fill this in with data as I clock in the miles, each week. (and I hope to make accurate measurements from here on)

So, why the heck am I doing this?
1. I'm selfish: I happen to be one of those weirdos who performs better under pressure than without. So, I think it will help me a great deal if I make things such, that, the pressure is ON! To this end, I plan to create group activities in addition to this journal, so as to pile on the pressure!
2. I'm selfless: I am hoping this will be an interesting experiment, that not only I can benefit from, in future competitions (assuming, I am still running a couple months from now, that is ;-) and also help other runners of various levels use this data. I strongly believe that this might reveal some patterns on the effects that training regimens like fartleks have on runners performance and in the end, also yield some insight on being able to judge/ predict one's race day results from past performance.

So, if you are a runner reading this do tell me what I am doing right and (more importantly) what I am doing abysmally wrong. And, if you are a non-runner, I hope this journal motivates you to put on that pair and sneak out the door in the early hours!

Happy Running!

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