Sunday, December 07, 2008

Running towards the half

I just thought this up. Might be a nice idea to do runs that keep going north along the 101 from Del Mar to Carlsbad and increase in mileage, so as to ultimately end in the Carlsbad half route about 3 weekends before the actual Carlsbad half on 1/25:

With that in mind, I mapped out runs that increase in distance from 9mi to 13 and go further north towards the actual carlsbad half course.

(12/6). Del Mar Run (9miler, that we did on 12/6)

(12/13). Swami's Beach 10 miler

(12/20) Moonlight Beach <-> Palomar Airport 11 miler

(12/27) Some random route, since it's the holiday weekend :)

(1/3/09) Half-Before-the-half

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