Saturday, December 06, 2008

Up and Down the Torrey Pines Hill...

Did 9.35 miles this morning. The route was supposed to be from Villa De La Valle to the entrance of the Torrey Pines state park and back, but, when we got to the water fountain at the entrance, some of us were feeling a little too psyched and decided to keep going another 0.75mi, up the treacherous Torrey Pines hill, before we turned around. Felt really good, when we finally turned around to head back (as Sree remarked, "it almost feels like we just started running", while we had been running for 4.5mi at that point).
So anyways, with this, here is my updated running schedule and performance, so far (thanks to Krishna and Prasad for the accurate distances from their Garmin watches):

Sat (11/22) ~7.5mi ~1:02hrs ~8:30 (Not Accurate)
Tue (12/2) ~5.5mi ~46min ~8:36 (Not Accurate)
Thu (12/4) ~3.5mi ~27min ~7:70 (Fartleks)
Sat (12/6) ~9.35mi ~1:27 ~9:35 (Fairly Accurate)

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